Vic Fedeli
MPP Nipissing

June 03, 2015

QUEEN’S PARK – Ontario families, businesses, taxpayers and ratepayers will be the real losers after the Wynne Liberal government bulldozed its budget through the Legislature today, PC Finance Critic Vic Fedeli (MPP Nipissing) lamented. 

The government has pushed through its plan to sell Hydro One, and is moving forward with a pension tax that will hurt job creators and take more money out of Ontarians’ pockets to pay for their high-tax, high-debt agenda, continuing their legacy of waste, scandal and mismanagement.

 “We heard it over and over again. Your pension tax will hurt businesses and families. Your Hydro One fire sale will drive up hydro rates, and hurt families and seniors,” Fedeli said today during Question Period.

“The officers of the Legislature will lose oversight – and your Hydro deal will be done in secret.”

Meanwhile, Wynne’s health and education cuts will continue – 400 nurses alone have been cut since January, Fedeli noted.

“All of this is to continue the government’s infrastructure charade – they say they need the money for transit -- but it was already in last year’s budget – without the money from the pension tax and the Hydro fire sale. It’s all a ruse, a shell game.  They’re desperate for cash and everyone knows it,” added Fedeli.

The Wynne Liberals had a chance to heed the advice of experts and change course with this budget.  Instead, they’re taking Ontario further down the wrong path.”

PC Leader Patrick Brown added that “the impact of this budget will be felt – and not in a good way – for a long time to come.  Only as Ontarians start to experience the increased taxes and lost jobs resulting from this budget will the true reality of its disastrous measures hit home.”

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